One of the great benefits of being a retired education technologist, is finally having the time to actually play with the cool technologies that you’ve only demo’ed and talked about before. For me, my longing has been to make music and pictures.

Photography is a practice that I engaged in, narrowly, for many years. It was my invitation to leave the hotel rooms that were my second home. So I have reveled in a thrilling learning curve to make better and more interesting pictures.

Music takes more dedicated tools and a place. I am still working on that place, where the tools are assembled and configured, and the atmosphere helps to inspire my mind to hum tunes and decorate them with harmony and depth.

My head remains in the education game, and I will continue to write my thoughts down on my Facebook page, Twitter and my Blog, 2¢ Worth. So I invite you to continue to pay attention, as I age and season and continue to wonder about this exciting world, for which we are preparing our children.

Original Old Life Welcome

I grew up during the 1950s and ’60s, in a three-stoplight mill town in western North Carolina. Education was difficult for me – but learning was not. I enjoyed being in class, listening to teachers talk about our world and participating in discussions (in our continuing efforts to get the teacher off the subject). I had some outstanding teachers, who loved their work and who were magnificent lenses on the world that we lived in. I decided early on that this was what I wanted to do.

Today, the world is a different place. Our sense of the future has changed, our students learn differently, and the very nature of information has transformed into something more dynamic and vibrant. Technology has advanced at a rate that would have astounded us 50 years ago. This time of rapid change is forcing us, for the first time in decades to rethink education and what it means to be educated.

I do not consider myself a techie. I know techies, and I am not one of them. Techies have developed wondrous machines that provide brand new means and methods for accomplishing our goals. They are highly creative and knowledgeable, and they live the technology.

They are excited by the “light.”

I, however, am excited by what we can shine that “light” on…

..a new and exciting vision for classrooms that is changing our notions of teaching, curriculum and learning.

Seeking my next focus of play, passion & purpose